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In a marketplace resonating with the sounds of change, these are exciting as well as challenging times especially for the pharmaceutical industry.

At Amanta Healthcare, we believe that virtually every part of the company must strive to innovate, to evolve, to change with the objective of achieving greater levels of competitive advantage.

Keeping pace with change has been our mantra for growth. A mantra called Innovision. A mantra that has been so internalized, that from being a large volume parenterals and IV parenteral formulations manufacturing company that commenced operations in 1998, today we have evolved into a company whose business interests include production of irrigation solutions, formulations in ophthalmic and respiratory care and small volume injectables making us a lead player with a wide variety of large and small volume preparations in sterile dosages.

Today, we are a midsize company with big size dreams. And evolution is our bridge to the future. The trust reposed by leading pharmaceutical companies by outsourcing their products, speaks volumes for our capabilities as an efficient and versatile contract manufacturing partner. We have the requisite expertise to nurture your idea from the earliest stages all the way to market.


For us at Amanta Healthcare, Innovision is a dynamic principle of order, manifesting itself in change, not in rigidity. We believe, because of Innovision, we have an organization that undergoes change without becoming chaotic, an organization that can re-engineer itself to remain relevant in a continuously dynamic environment.

Our Organisation

From being a company that manufactured and marketed IV fluids, today we have formulation and development capabilities, have imbibed a culture conducive for knowledge based activity and have geared our production facility to become a versatile manufacturer of 0.5ml injectables to 1000 ml irrigation solutions.

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