Proudly Presents
The revolutionary
I.V. Fluid Container
First in India

Do the existing
I.V. Fluid Containers offer

To Take
Fluid Therapy
we have simply revolutionized the concept of I.V. Fluid Container

International Regulations for Sterility:

UPS - 121°C
Sterilized at 121°C
  • Higher Sterility assurance level
Comparison of Different Containers
Parameter FFS Containers Non-PVC bags
108°C 121°C 121°C

References:   a) PIC/S Guidelines
b) U.S. Pharmacopoeia, Chapter 1211

Taking Assurance

1 For I.V. Set
2 For supplemental Medication
  • Leakproof
  • Meets global standards
  • 100% Quick Resealing
  • Tamper evident
Taking Excellence

  • Additional protective barrier to ensure zero leaching
  • Plug is made of latex-free rubber

References: European Pharmacopoeia 5.0, Chapter, Plastic Containers
for aqueous solutions & Closures

Comparison of Different Containers
Parameter FFS Containers Non-PVC bags
Closure System

Container used for parenterals and injectables must offer sufficient transparency for visual inspection

References: a) International Pharmacopoeia, WHO, 4th Edition, 2nd Supplement
b) British Pharmacopoeia (2012), Valume V, Appendix XIX, Plastic Containers & Closures

Comparison of Different Containers
Parameter FFS Containers Non-PVC bags
Transparency Poor Good Excellent
Taking Confidence

The unique
IV Fluid Container
that offers
Taking the I.V. Fluid Container system


  • Higher sterility assurance level
  • Patient safety

Innovative Closure System

  • Convenient to paramedics
  • Tamper-evident
  • No leakage


  • Patient safety

Parameters FFS Containers Non-PVC Bags
1. Sterilization at 121°C
2. Closure system 2 ports
3. Transparency
4. Ionized-air flushing
Advanced & Better

Our Range of
Therapeutic Excellence

  • Febramol (Paracetamol IV) 100ml
  • Zolid IV (Linezolid) 300ml
  • Levotrat IV (Levofloxacin) 100ml
  • Tinizole (Tinidazole) 400ml
  • Trogyl (Metronidazole) 100ml
  • X Cipro (Ciprofloxacin) 100 ml
  • Hipoflox (Ofloxacin) 100 ml
  • Mannitol I.P. (20%w/v) 350/100 ml
  • Trodex (Metronidazole & Dextrose) 500 ml
Fluid Therapy
  • Dextrose 5% I.P. (D5) -500/250 ml
  • Dextrose I.P. (10% w/v) (D10) 500/250 ml
  • Normal Saline I.P. (0.9% w/v) (NS) 500/250/100 ml
  • Normal Saline (0.9% w/v) + Dextrose 5% w/v (DNS) 500/250 ml
  • Ringer Lactate I.P. (RL) 500/250) ml
  • Electrolyte P USP (EP) 500/250/100 ml
  • Multiple Electrolytes & Dextrose 500ml
  • Normal Saline (0.45% w/v) & Dextrose (5% w/v) 500 ml
  • Normal Saline IP (0.45% w/v) 500 ml
  • Detrose I.P. (25% w/v) 500/100 ml