Inspired by Change

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Change is inevitable. Change, is also the result of a bold aspiration to do something innovative or exceptional.

We have changed our name but not our commitment to our stakeholders. We shall continue our journey to carry forward your 16 years of trust, confidence and faith in use – with renewed zeal.

  • Why Amanta?

    Amanta is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Aman’, meaning, peace. Amanta reflects what we are and what we believe in – our Indian roots and global outlook.

  • The New Logo of Excellence

    Our new logo is an abstract fusion of a free flowing element and drops of water symbolising mobility and freedom.

  • The New Colors of Success

    Our new vibrant corporate colors, a mélange of orange and turquoise blue, signify our Indian ethos. The colors represent the robust energy, spontaneity, and the spirit of our organization.

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